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One of the most useful Windows 11 tools is coming to Windows 10 8four Todaybusiness Feed

The app provides access to your library of games purchased through the Xbox Store, including those that are a part of Microsoft’s wildly popular Game Pass subscription. First, there’s the DirectStorage API, which lets games load data directly into your graphics card’s memory, drastically cutting down on load times. The process is a little more complicated than that brief description makes it sound, but if you have the hardware and games that support it, you’ll be spending a lot less time waiting to play. Laptop users that dock their computer into a separate monitor are all too familiar with the hassle that comes from managing all their windows. Once you disconnect the monitor, any windows on that monitor get resized and shuffled around, creating a mess on your desktop.

  • The Media Creation Tool will determine the best options for you, but if you want to make any changes first uncheck Use the recommended options for this PC.
  • The easiest way is to head into settings on your device, but you may prefer to shorten this with a keyboard shortcut or even change it through your graphics card settings.
  • All those who trusted DuckDuckGo’s privacy-focused web browser were disappointed to learn, following a…
  • Microsoft has also removed common functions that even I’ve struggled with in my daily workflow.

The TPM can be CPU based, and is present in older CPUs. The CPU is most definitely a limiting factor for upgrading. Personally I have an Intel Core i CPU @ 3.60GHz that is not compatible. I can play Cyberpunk 2077 with no problem so I clearly have no intention of buying a new pc. I’ve always been a Windows and Linux user and a Linux developer. About a year ago I bought a M1 Mac Mini for just under $600.

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For most systems, especially those that will remain on campus or that will have regular access to the UW network, KMS activation should be used. For systems located off-campus or those without regular access to the UW network, use of a MAK for activation may be appropriate. See Off-Campus Activation below or contact if you need assistance in determining Visit the best activation mechanism for your use case. This will uninstall the current product key from Windows and put it into an unlicensed state. One is Windows Home, and the other is Windows Pro. You get most features in Windows Home like Windows Hello, firewall, encryption, parental controls, and Defender.

I think there is no USB creation tool like WinToUSB for linux . You have to use windows xp or 7 or etc on virtual machine and then run WinToUSB. drivers So this is how you can easily create a Windows Live USB for your system as it can help you in the critical situations in which Windows get corrupt. Windows is an amazing platform, but it is important to have a backup system of this operating system so that you can easily reinstall it again. In order to use the Windows USB on a computer, you will have to enter BIOS and change the boot preferences in order to boot the Windows USB.

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Thank You, im struggling before, i have full windows 10 pro license and used it on my mac bootcamp, later i buy new laptop for windows and erased the old bootcamp. When i tried to inserted the license on my new laptop it say that the license cannot be verified. Lot of ways i tried from the internet, but the simply one is worked, by using Window virtual agent on my windows 10, i just follow the instruction and the problem was solved. Now my windows is activated by Microsoft technician.

If you have two monitors, you can extend your display and then split your screen using the methods mentioned above. If you’d like to move one window to the other side, again hold down the Win key and press the Left/Right arrow key. If you want to adjust your window to be a specific size you desire, hover over the outline of your window.